Saturday, October 25, 2008

Friday Finds Reposted

Because the internet ate the post from yesterday...

Today's Friday Finds are about the body. Links mostly for ladies. The last one some dudes may enjoy.

Wanna talk about your boobs in an anonymous way? This is the site for you! Apparently, every gal is a bit asymmetrical. This site offers a space for women to talk about their concerns about the girls.

It's OK to Stuff Your Bra

I was allergic to diapers as a baby, so my mom had to use cloth diapers. Today, cloth diapers are much easier to use and more comfortable. They have velcro and elastic. They come in fun colors. They are practically like disposal diapers, only you have them washed and re-use which is better for the environment. If/when I have a kid, I have thought seriously about using cloth diapers. And then sometimes I backtrack. Thinking about GERMS! And having to wash them. In my washer. People (M. included) find it repulsive. So you can imagine how ambivalent I am about the following product:

Party Pants Pads

On the one hand, yay Mother Earth. On the other hand, gross. I don't think I could go to enough Lilith Fairs to make me get into this. Maybe I need to grow up or get in tune with my self or Gaia or whatever. I don't know. But I thought I'd offer it up for those of you who have moved past my "grody" factor. Props to you for being more evolved.

Beauty Brains

Ever wonder if "Dermanaturals" is a real word with meaning? How natural a "Natural" foundation really is when examined by experts? Beauty Brains is a great site run by anonymous ladies, Right Brain, Left Brain, Sarah Bellum. All varying degrees of scientist/skeptics, they evaluate new beauty product language and dissect the misleading promises companies claim. I visit this site all the time

A funny blog about body image

Big Fat Deal

Hilarious stories of being rejected! Add your own!

How Not to Get Laid

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