Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Wishing for Fall

Is it me or time just flying by? I had so much to do today and only got a quarter of it done. It's only 4pm and I'm so tired. It's my day off! Geez.

I had lunch at Coco Renos. If you have ever had Coco Renos tacos, you are probably wishing you were here. They have a cramped little dining room with about 4 booths and a counter. You are pretty much in the kitchen while they cook. Their decor is all over the place, but my favorite are the alcohol string lights.

Across the street is a little store of cards and knick knackery. They had a really beautiful dia de los muertos display.

I also went to Trader Joe's and picked up some things I don't usually buy to experiment with new dishes in the next few days. I bought a medley of root vegetables; not sure what I'm going to do with those. Any recommendations? I got porcini mushrooms. Some bone-in pork chops that were "frenched," according to the package, which I just think means part of the bone has been cleaned off, but "bone-in" and "frenched" made me laugh so I figured I'd enjoy making them. I'm 12. Fingerling potatoes are also a good find, so I picked up some of those. I am craving fall foods.

I'm trying to enjoy fall, even though it refuses to actually arrive here. This morning it was chilly, so I actually put on a jacket to take the dog out for his walk. But it got to about 75 degrees and sunny pretty early. It was a beautiful day, actually. I could use just a bit of chilly weather. Like I was explaining to someone recently, I don't want "winter" like they have it in the east or the north or even the south. I want California winter. Jacket weather. Do your hair in the morning and you don't even sweat weather. Sunshine and crisp air. If I ever complain about the cold, remind me of this moment and I'll shut my trap.

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