Thursday, November 13, 2008

Friday Finds - Orange

I finally felt good enough to put on clothes today. I even went outside and walked the dog. But I get tired very easily and am still taking it slow. Friday Finds this week is a little corporate, but oh well. I am into the color orange, and since it matches really nothing in my house, I can't buy any of it (oh, and also because I'm broke). But I can entice others to do so. Let me live vicariously through you...I think it is a rich warm color that makes you feel cozy and can make your skin look good. Consider the following lovely orange items:

A few things from CB2, the hipper, cooler cousin of Crate & Barrel:

Sleek orange tray

Comma shaped plate

Bamboo towels.

Moroccan inspired dinnerware

And you know who's going to do orange right, don't you? From Ikea:

The Karlstad swivel chair is too rich for my blood ($400), but considering how obscene prices for chairs are in this world, it's not that bad. Seriously, why is one decent dining chair $100?

The Muddus drop leaf table. Cute for a tiny kitchen or in the living room so you could sometimes have dinner or do some work there. It looks so dainty
This Sveje rug is kind of sweet looking, and it came in some other colors too. I like this for the laundry room. Oh wait, I don't have a laundry room. But if I did, and it was orange, I'd use this rug.

Textur table lamp. A glowy light for when you watch DVDs but you don't want to fall asleep.
The Hulda bed set really started my whole orange thing. Bubbly, modern, bright. And in no way goes with my chocolate brown, white and peacock blue bedroom scheme. Sad.
That's all for the Friday post. I will be busy this weekend catching up on all the stuff I was too tired to do, so the posting may be light.

But you know what, I forgot to tell you, Mindy Kaling (aka Kelly Kapoor on The Office), the hilarious writer and producer has a blog about shopping called things i bought that i love. She's really, really funny. After OD'ing on her blog while I was sick, I have totally brought "you guys" back into my lexicon. I can't stop. Check it out.

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