Friday, November 7, 2008

Friday Finds

Etsy screen-printed goodness

Everything is relatively cheap and screen-printed. I used to be big into screen printing, but I let it go by the wayside. My in-laws got us a screen printing setup last December and we still haven't put it to good use. These are giving me some inspiration, but I am thinking of doing something beyond cotton clothing....the gears are turning...
Amazing uterus/fallopian tube undies. Not shown to scale!

Octopus hoodie from DeadWorry

British solution to chaos, from Blu Lima
Another good shirt from Dead Worry

Los Angeles Palm Screen Print by MiriamDema

I know a lot of Etsy sites use American Apparel, which thankfully is not an overseas sweat shop, but the more I read about Dov Charney, the less I am willing to buy American Apparel. Check out this video. You will be as squicked out as I am about his whole kit and kaboodle.

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