Tuesday, November 11, 2008

In Sickness & In Health

Our apartment is totally cheerless this morning. I am sick with a horrible cold and M. not only has a migraine but a bum knee. The only happy camper here is Radley (Stevie could never be said to be a happy camper). I got through the work day yesterday, thanks to my trusty friend Dayquil, but as soon as I got home, the lights shut off upstairs. I ate the tasty soup that M. brought home for me and immediately went to bed at around 6pm. I slept for 12 hours, took the dog down in a delirious state and then slept a few more hours. M. has always been good at taking care of me when I'm sick. I hope he doesn't catch what I have.

The last good thing I remember was my meal on Saturday night. Brande and I went to Tsunami Sushi, which really is my hands down favorite sushi spot. And I love that place across the street from the No Name Sushi restaurant in San Francisco (whose name I'm obviously forgetting), which has an amazing motorized sushi bar so that you can grab what you want if it looks good. But really, when it comes to good rolls, great ingredients, and tasty experimental stuff, Tsunami wins. Their Crunch Roll can turn non-sushi eaters into sushi fans. If you have someone on the fence about trying sushi, bring them to Tsunami and they will believe they like sushi and start trying rolls left and right. I tried to get a pic of the delicious rolls we ate, but forgot about it until the last one was on the table. Oops.
There is one caveat. Or two. Well, for one thing it's in Huntington Beach. Right on the border of Huntington and Sunset Beach, which makes it barely Orange County, but that's all you need for a brodeo, you guys. The patrons can be lame HB dudes and OC wives/girlfriends. Once, Brande and I sat open-mouthed and horrified as a teppan table full of tween girls and a couple toddlers in bejewelled "Juicy" tank tops sang and danced to Justin Timberlake's "Sexy Back" in full view of their sloshed parents. Another time I remember having to hear a loud woman talk about how Iranian immigrants aren't American because they don't speak American and shouldn't be allowed to run for mayor. So there's that. But, on the other hand, the wait staff is full of cuties (both male and female), and there is a full bar. I wonder if one of those bros that was hanging out too close to our table gave me my cold? It's entirely possible.

It sucks to be sick when there's a beautiful day like this outside. But I am stuck inside today, hoping to get better for another work day tomorrow. It's days like this I wish I did some online teaching....

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