Monday, November 3, 2008

Make it Happen People

I hope you are voting tomorrow. Unless you are like me and have voted absentee. It sucks the fun out of Election Day, because you are anxious about the election from the moment you send off your ballot in the mail. Also because you don't get any props for voting without an "I voted" sticker. Making my own sticker and wearing it around would just be sad. I heard you get some freebies at Ben & Jerry's and Starbucks for voting, which sounds kinda shady, but at the same time, with no sticker, I miss the boat on those as well. At least I have the satisfaction of civic duty.

I get the idea that some people feel like their vote doesn't count, because you know, the whole electoral voters thing, which is outdated and basically kept alive to ensure the two party system remains firmly entrenched. But seriously, there are some awfully disgusting propositions on the ballot here in California that would challenge some serious gains that have managed to get past the latest Bush-led Republican era. And some new ones that threaten to place us in Medieval times. I hear in Colorado there is an amendment to the state constitution proposed that would define any fertilized embryo as "human." Seriously? Seriously. Some forms of contraception, and even in-vitro fertilization could be considered illegal. A laywer could represent a zygote in court. Has the whole world gone mad?

I will be watching Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert on what promises to be their finest of comedic moment. Nothing beats the love and warmth of the TV hug these two guys give me every four years. If loving them is wrong, I don't wanna be right.

Where did you get those awesome election lollipops, you ask? They aren't lollipops. They are cupcake bites and I think the idea is truly amazing. Cake mix. Cream cheese frosting. Chocolate shell. Cuteness. Yep, all good things accounted for.

Apparently, Bakerella has been making them for a while and she has come up with some pretty cool ideas for how to decorate them since the April entry I linked to here. Click the link, it's worth the look. Search her site for some super sweet Halloween, Father's Day, and 4th of July decorated cupcake bites as well.

Because we got through my gangster film section fairly quickly and my students are freaking out about their papers, I decided to make Weds morning about research/office hours instead of an actual class meeting. I will be in my office in case they want to meet me for whatever reason. I am secretly glad it worked out this way, since now I don't have to face the world quite so early if McCain wins (I had massive depression in 2000 and 2004-esp. 2004), and I can fully celebrate after the polls close if Obama wins (cocktails!).

Here's hoping.

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