Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Sick Lady Lunch

I have been in bed for so long that I am tired of my own house. I did what I always do, which is deny that I am getting sick by going to work and "powering through" and then I get the second wave of little germ warriors who win the battle and knock me down.

I'd love to hear your family secrets for curing the common cold. I took it upon myself to make matzo ball soup (aka Jewish penicillin) and grilled cheese on rye for lunch yesterday. Soups help, but really, this is just a wait-and-see situation.

I had such a good dinner planned tonight. I wanted to make a light chicken stir fry with steamed rice. Something very healthy and home made. But I had been asleep for so long and M. is kind of afraid of my germs, so he ordered Thai food instead. I am a bit relieved. Cooking would probably drain my energy.

M. has what I would call "intermediate level" germophobia. He isn't the kind of person who washes their hands a thousand times or has to have their own silverware on them at all times, but he does think the world is crawling with germs and that he has a big target on him. He finds thrift store items and vintage furniture disgusting because of the possibility of stranger germs from the 1960s. He's not so grossed out by vintage decor, but couches, serving ware, clothing...these things make him uncomfortable. Sometimes he has good reason to be totally squicked out.

Once we were at the grocery store and he had the cart (he drives the cart, I take care of the list) and kept asking me if I smelled something weird. He then opened his eyes wide and said, "It smells like piss!" To which I said, "Uh oh, it totally does. Maybe a baby had an accident on the baby seat or something." That was my hopeful scenario. The other one would be adult pee, which somehow could not be spoken out loud. He took his hands off the cart handle and stood there, freaked (with good reason- he touched PEE- stranger pee!) I ran immediately to the front and got those sanitary wipes for his hands and the cart. Needless to say that trip to the grocery store was cut short. To this day the first thing he does is grab those wipes and sanitize the cart.

So, just FYI, sanitze your grocery cart.

You know who I have a big problem with lately? The Free Credit guy:

The pirate restaurant song was funny, but I think this has to stop. Each song gets progressively worse and his sneer makes me unhappy. Is this a Gen-X caricature or what? Are 20 year olds like this again? Slackers with heather gray worn out shirts? Seriously, maybe it's time to quit your band or put them on the back burner while you work off your debt, dude.

Because I'm all hopped up on flu drugs, I'm being very random. Well, more than usual. Sorry about that.

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