Saturday, December 27, 2008

Lady's Night

M. is off with friends watching some sort of muscley guy competition on pay-per-view. So what's a gal to do but spend an evening doing single lady stuff like soaking my feet in my foot spa (it only bubbles these days, as the other components don't work anymore), eating 100 calories worth of chocolate graham cracker goodness, and watching the sequel to Underworld. It's kind of on in the background actually. I painted my toenails after the foot bath and you know you can never really watch anything else but your toes when that's going on.

If I had two more cats and a tea cozy I'd be the perfect picture of a happy spinster. I am settling for one ornery cat and a cute lapdog. My house is immaculate, my grading is almost done, and I think my TMJ is almost going away. Since I'm only on my first cocktail, I'd say I have about an hour until I'm golden.

I got some pretty nice thoughtful gifts this year. I also managed to get some good deals at the mall. YES. I went to the mall the day after Christmas with my friend Brande. Not just any mall, but South Coast Plaza, the Hell Mall. This sign was right underneath the escalators and it pretty much sums up the beast that is SCP:

Pretty amazing outfits going on there, by the way. People dressed head to toe in new obnoxiously overpriced clothes they just got. Young men in all-over-print lavender hoodies, scarves a plenty, and sunglasses (dark sunglasses) on indoors. Also, everyone was walking (and I use that term loosely) around staring down at their iPhones texting. It was insane, but I knew it would be. We are total warriors for going and coming back with good deals. For one thing, I got two of these babies at Williams Sonoma:

Now I can take my cupcake to work with my lunch and the tops don't get smashed. I'm all about plastic cupcake carriage, apparently. But hell, all the icing gets stuck to the foil! It's a fool who takes a cupcake in their lunchbox wrapped, I say.

Some of my "best of" gifts this year:

The reproduction princess phone. Not as cool as a still working rotary dial, but this is new and shiny and cute. It's in my kitchen. And yes, it has that "pprrriinngg" ring that sounds like the original.

Brande gave me this vintage book, which is totally amazing.

All kinds of sex advice and articles from Sexology, the first American sex magazine (well, the first one that pretended scientific authenticity). Some really great stuff in here.

I got various baking pans that are cute, including this one:

Mini-cake castles. I also got mini-cake snowflakes and the star of david bundt pan I was hoping for. I don't know how to frost these things, but they will look heavenly.

Mostly I got books. Good ones. The Annotated Dracula, a book of Mutter Museum photographs, a book on sideshows, and the third installment of the Russian Prison Tattoo Encyclopedia. I also got new bath towels. How old am I that the new bath towels elicited the "oh my god" Christmas present feeling?

I love all my gifts and the generous people that gave them to me, but my favorite part is giving other people gifts. I wish I could have done more this year, but I was able to help a little bit with a gift for my mom. My brothers and I got together to get her a new pillow top mattress to replace her old one which she had for an unspeakable number of years. I got my cousin these amazing socks that look like converse shoes in different colors. She squealed with delight.

I got M. a bunch of books on black metal, which is his latest obsession. I was looking through my Mutter Museum book and he was looking through a giant photograph book on Norwegian Black Metal and we both looked up and commented that we'd be having bad dreams that night.

Anybody get or give anything good?

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