Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry X-Mas!

Happy Holidays folks!

M. and I are going to have the most delicious leftovers in the world for dinner. Cubans generally do what is called "Noche Buena" on Christmas Eve. It's our big food party. Most Cuban parties could be called food parties, but this one reigns supreme. Amazing pork fried so that the outside is crispy and the inside is soft, white rice with black beans, yuca with lots of garlic and olive oil. It could be the single biggest reason I stopped being a vegetarian. If my leftovers look pretty, I will post pics. I forgot to bring my camera last night. Every year since I was little, I was the one who baked the cookies and other desserts for Noche Buena. This year was no different. Check it out:

These are plain old sugar cookies that I dipped half in melted chocolate. I then frosted the other half in a peppermint frosting. My holiday version of the black and white cookie. They were very tasty! So tasty that I forgot to photograph the finished product. Sorry about that....

I got a cupcake carrier as a wedding gift this year and it made the trip to my mom's for Christmas Eve dinner so much easier! Each little cupcake has its own place to be and none of them got ruined by foil smashing their heads.

The top half of the carrier had chocolate cupcakes with vanilla frosting sprinkled with coconut. The bottom half was chocolate with peppermint frosting.

We had a great time at home, and so far have netted a pretty nice bounty of presents, most of which are books that I have been wanting for a while. And M. got me a Bamboo digital pen tablet so I could draw digitally. I am very excited about using that little guy.

The office is almost done. Just a few edges to make straight and some stuff to take down to the garage. It's raining here, so I think I will put that off for a couple days. Here's a sneak peek at the curtains and paint.

I never posted my stockings, which I finished a while back. Here's the final product:

I also promised I'd post images from the Vegas trip. I took hundreds of pictures, but I only posted a few. If you are wondering about any of it, please feel free to ask.

We ventured north in Las Vegas to photograph what's left of the Moulin Rouge Casino. I was actually able to walk around on the property and take pictures of the back of the building (or what's left of it anyway). Before I got caught trespassing, I was able to get a few good images.

Just a couple images from the Boneyard tour, which was so worth it. And to do it during the winter at noon on a sunny day was a great idea. No sweating and great images. The guide was also very knowledgeable about the history of the signs and the casinos they used to blink in front of. See the rest of them over at my Flickr site.

Well, I am looking forward to watching our new Blu Ray copy of The Dark Knight and relaxing with some hot chocolate and my guys. Hope everyone stays warm and wards of bad family vibes!

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