Sunday, December 28, 2008

The New Office

The office is finally done. I had a good time redecorating and tossing all kinds of things. It has made for easier grading not having bunches of stuff towering over me. I took pictures at night and in the daytime, so the color is slightly different. Here's a tour:

The wall behind the desk is lime green

Also behind the desk is a small station for M. to paint
The bookcase has been sorted so that I don't have a wall of books. There are open shelves where I put my stuff so that it's not strewn about like before. Don't worry about the books, they are all going to my office at work.

I made the curtains myself. They are lined and rest just over the windowsill so that when we have sleepover guests they aren't treated to blaring sunlight in the morning.

I totally stole this idea from Brande, who stole it from a magazine. All my pencils, pens, markers, etc. are sorted by color in clear containers (cheap tumblers from Ikea). I put them on a lazy susan so that I could just take the whole mess to the desk when I wanted and they would be easy to access.

My desk is now floating in the middle of the room, which makes it much easier to work on big projects and sewing projects. If you notice on the bookshelf there is a shelf that is covered by the same material as the curtains. I covered a couple of shelves by making a tiny curtain and putting them on small tension rods. That way I can store my art supplies (paints, glues, etc.) but not see them all the time. Also I found a lime green desk chair for cheap at Target. The after Christmas sales have treated me very well.

Across from the desk are my bookcases all lined up, kind of like built ins, but there was this opening between two large ones. I didn't know what to do with it, so I painted a blue square and got a few block canvases. I painted over them twice and finally made a set that I liked. The bike on the left is pretty easy to figure out.

Here are close ups of the li'l ones.

I liked the little girl so much I made it into my banner. that that is done, I have actually enjoyed hanging out in there! I take my coffee in there in the mornings and just enjoy it, which is all I could ask for, really. What do you think?

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