Thursday, December 4, 2008

Twilight Movie

I caved and finally saw Twilight today. I read the books this summer and haven't reread them or anything, so I was in a good place to get a sense of the movie. I didn't think it made a good vampire movie. I like my vampires with fangs. These did not. They didn't in the book either, but I think I gave them fangs anyway in my mind. They were super pale and cold and all that, but without fangs, not a vampire! I thought the book had some humor in it, but the movie was all drama and intense brooding looks. Also, I just remember wishing that Bella owned a brush.
There was a really good snippet of a scene where Bella has a dream that Edward is feeding on her like in an old vampire movie. It was the best scene! Robert Pattison, not the Edward I had in my mind at all. But I liked what he did with the role.

Should you see it?

If you read the book, or if you are a teenage girl, or would like to relive what it was like to be a teenage girl, you should see it. If you don't want to watch ridiculously beautiful teenagers stare awkwardly at each other and stammer in the foggy Pacific Northwest, don't see it.

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