Thursday, January 29, 2009

Friday Finds - Hearts

Valentine's Day approaches people! If you are one of those people who think Valentine's Day is just another way companies get us to part with our money, well you're right, but you are also very bitter and should probably just saunter on away from this page.

I am not very angry at the holiday. I think it is nice that there is a celebration of romance, but I genuinely dislike that it is a very limited idea of romance that is celebrated (heterosexual, practically Victorian romantic love). So today's Friday Finds is not an ode to Valentine's Day so much as it is a celebration of heart-shaped things. I love heart shaped things, but mostly I have jewelry, clothing, and paper items. The onset of V-day brings a ton of this stuff, most of it total crap. My taste is generally for simple lines, mod shapes, and decent quality.
It all started when I found these two items: A heart-shaped bamboo cutting board stamped with "Made with Love" on the bottom, which was $14, and a set of plastic heart measuring spoons that were $8.
So later that night I went looking for cool heart stuff on the web. Here's what I found: Not your average Valentine: A pop-out Valentine card with an anatomically correct heart says "I Love You". By TracyChong at Etsy Robot Love original art box painting by Elseetee at Etsy. A small print mounted on a block Heart tea cup. It comes in soft pink too, but I liked the white one because you don't really get the full effect until you pour something in it. From JFlair Then, I went to Target and OD'd on their heart stuff. I went there to exchange one shirt. I am hopeless....

Red heart dish towels ($2.99), ceramic heart dish (with heart shaped Reese's Peanut Butter Cups in it for guests. Wanna come over? also $2.99), silicone cupcake cups in pink and red ($9), a set of two heart ramekins, and a few heart cake decorations ($2.99 ea)

Everyone knows I love birds, so it's a no brainer that I'd pick up something with hearts and birds.

Tall owl and hearts latte mug,

Square birdies and hearts bowl,

If you are a dude and this list is annoying to you, sorry. The ladies have taken ownership of heart imagery since at least the 19th century. Next time there will be stuff for you.

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