Friday, January 2, 2009

Friday Finds

Ah Friday, how little you mean on winter break. Not to belittle you, but every day is like Friday when I'm on break. Of course, the break will end and I will grow to love you once again. But for now, some useless stuff to accumulate and give you a false (but very stylish and fun) feeling of fulfillment.

#1) One Tough Chick metal hook from Mod Cloth $19.99
This would be super cute for a bath towel or kitchen towel. Maybe a dog leash?
#2 Mix Tape USB, $18 from Fred Flare
I like this idea, but I don't like paying $18 for an old cassette tape. However, I happen to have, oh say about 100+ cassette tapes that could use a second life. It would be cool to strip them open and use the cases to hide a small USB flash drive. You could put it in a cassette case and make a cover with handwritten playlist and everything! So much more intimate than a burned CD. Put your old tapes to use and remind the youngins about yesteryear. And save $18.

#3 Magnetized photo frame. Another find from Mod Cloth, $7.99
I used to have a ton of magnets on the fridge, and then I got tired of clutter, so I banished them all (except for a precious few) to the junk drawer. But this would not be clutter. If you got one and placed it appropriately, it would be art. And it's cheap.

#4 Forget Me Knot ring. This is too pricey for me at $54 in silver or brass, but I really love it. So adorable.

#5 The Rebel, approx $6-800, depending on the store, the lens, and your willpower.
Canon EOS 450D

It is a 12.2 megapixel digital SLR and it is my ultimate dream. It's supposed to be the affordable digital SLR, and being that I only have a point and shoot and don't even have a film SLR, I am drooling constantly over it.

want. bad.
#6 Tiny Prints

An amazing card and stationery company. I got a really cute holiday card from (not surprisingly) Tiny Heat from this press and went to the website and bought things on the spot. Little cheapy things, but still. They have a nice amount of customizable cards that you can order with your own photos. Go!

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