Wednesday, September 15, 2010


With the eve of the new third season of THE CLONE WARS airing in the US on CARTOON NETWORK this week, we thought we'd take a look back to the original 2008 pilot film and this intriguing image of the Clone Soldiers fighting Battle Droids and Super Battle Droids on what I'm assuming is the desert wilderness of Tatooine? This exciting image, used for the films publicity at the time, never made it into the film, though, if I recall correctly, a portion of a clip of this scene appears in one of the opening monologues of one of the first seasons episodes...

I'm wondering if Captain Rex and his team did a final clean-up of the Separatist forces once Anakin and Ahsoka had delivered Rotta to father Jabba the Hutt, and it was just cut from the final film for time reasons. But why not include it on the film's Blu-ray/DVD deleted scenes?

If anyone out there has any more information on this scene please get in touch...

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