Thursday, September 2, 2010


It took many attempts with HTML code that I use to make this thing look pretty, but I finally fixed things. I missed blogging! I guess that's a good thing. Anyway, I spent my off time doing some awesome crafting and rearranging my living room.

What is up with me and rearranging furniture? I love to do it. I hate the process, but always put my head down and power through because I know I will enjoy the outcome. M had mentioned to me that he wasn't feeling our living room arrangement. I had hated it, but it took us soo long to get our boxes unpacked and there was so much stuff in this little place that we just left the couch in the position it was when it first entered the room. The heat has made us very slow, even though we have AC! (Do I even have to mention that it's 97 degrees? It's like a given, right?)

So we finally decided to talk out a plan, and the next day we actually did it. Now,  he took my camera with the pictures of the new arrangement, so I can't post them yet, but I will! Promise! I was able to find some art supplies amidst the boxes that were hidden behind the couch, bring some books that we love out for display, and take a bunch of stuff to the storage space so it feels more open. Our record player is now easy to access and located near the records. All things we had been putting off forever.

The psychology of rearranging furniture is something I am fascinated by. I feel like not only is the new arrangement more soothing, but as a result of rearranging I have cleaned everything. Bookshelves are clean, couch and carpet are vacuumed, books and records are arranged nicely. It's a sickness, I know, but I love doing it. Maybe it has to do with maintaining some kind of order amidst the chaos, or a way to do a project that has a start and finish that is doable within one day. Or my obsession with cleanliness.

Our friends in Lancaster live in a newer home. I have never lived in someplace new. Granted, I've never lived in a place built before 1950, but I have lived in some older buildings. Their house, however, is only a few years old. It had baseboards that were perfect, paint edges that were sharp, window sills so shiny, and fixtures that gleamed. I thought of myself as the kind of future homeowner that would enjoy a house with history. I think we are interested in a ranch-style house, which dates back to the late 50s at least. But this new house. This shiny new house with perfect bathrooms and central air/heat? I have to say I am tempted to change my mind. I guess all newness can be achieved through renovation, but I doubt I'm ever gonna have that much money. Can you get a house detailed?

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