Thursday, September 9, 2010

Night Walker

The Hilarious screening was, as expected, hilarious. It was a one night only showing in a packed house.
 We went out for dinner, took a side trip to Williams Sonoma for some cupcake cups I required, then headed to the theater that, lo and behold, had a bar. Cocktails and comedy are like peanut butter and jelly. Better together! Or maybe that's peanut butter and chocolate? Anyway, it was nice to have a drink. It helped make it seem like we were at a comedy gig instead of a filmed standup movie. He was really funny!

After the movie we were in good spirits, having a great date night. The weather was nice. Warm, but with a cool breeze. So we decided to walk through the city at night, all the way home.

It was so nice to walk around comfortably, and at night, my preferred time. I am a night person. I come alive at night. Not to be all vampirey, but people just look happier at night. Not working, going somewhere interesting, meeting up with people, going to loving homes. Ok, those are fantasies of epic proportions, but hey, I just had a nice dinner and a free show, so sue me for being optimistic.

By the time we got home it was only 10pm, so we watched a bootleg version of
Exit Through the Gift Shop, the movie about Banksy, the street artist.

This was much more interesting than I had expected! I had thought it was a movie about Banksy, who is a fascinating artist worth a movie in his own right, and in some respects this is about him. But it's mostly about the guy who is filming him. An eccentric French guy who lives in L.A. The film follows big name street artists (in the street art universe, anyway) like Shepard Fairey, Space Invader, Swoon, and Banksy, all the while explaining the obsessive nature of the aforementioned cameraman, who decides to become a street artist himself at the end of the film. Now, this is where it gets dicey.

The transition from camera guy to street artist is abrupt. And rather than build up a name for himself, he decides to have a huge gallery showing of 200+ of his own pieces, all of which sell for tens of thousands of dollars due to his association with (and endorsements from) Banksy and Fairey in the L.A. Weekly. Like an upstart artist overnight. And his art's an amalgamation of the major street artists that came before him (plus some Andy Warhol). Really, it's very cut and paste. And he admits that he doesn't even do the creating of the pieces, he gives ideas to his employees that then go into Photoshop and do it for him.  So I don't know if the last quarter of the film is a joke on us or what, but if it is, it's amazing and beautiful. If it's not, and this guy thinks he is a gallery artist who is doing something worthwhile, well, sad face. That's the face I'd be wearing if that were true. It would be very Banksy to create a hoax and never ever reveal the extent to which it is real or fake. I highly recommend this one. Even if you get played by it.

Tonight we're doing Rosh Hashana dinner at the in-laws. I'm bringing apple cupcakes with cream cheese frosting.  I used this recipe and my lovely Williams Sonoma bought cupcake cups in bright green. I love them.
Now I have to decide what to wear. I wish I could find a magical dress that looked good no matter how puffy or not puffy I happen to be.

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