Saturday, September 11, 2010

Time Wasters

Obviously I don't have time to waste, but I do it anyway. Mostly as a way to decompress after a long stretch of work, or to get me going first thing. My time-wasters are all websites. Not all websites are time wasters, though. I count many blogs, message boards, and e-zines as news or magazines. Something I don't consider a waste on account of it being somewhat informative. Even Perez, damn you Perez, I count as info. But there are those sites out there made just for scrolling and laughing or being outraged or both! Here are my top 5, with examples of why you should waste time along with me!

STFU Parents
A Tumblr blog that captures what everyone hates about entitled parents who feel like their children's every poo is worth a Facebook status update.  The blogger in charge weaves great tales explaining why each post is ridiculous or an outrage. So good! I don't want to post examples of this one, though. They are all frightening and take up too much space.

Totally Looks Like
 This ones new for me, but I'm loving it. Sometimes it really does make you see similarities between celebrities, other times its between historical figures and celebrities, and then other times it's just freaking hilarious for no good reason.

Lol Cats / I Can Haz Cheeseburger

Cute Overload

Both of these sites are places I go when I'm feeling incredibly sad or angry. These cute cats and animals bring me back from the brink, people! It's like a cultural treasure.

Passive Aggressive Notes
An all time favorite. Primarily created by people who are the recipients of such notes, but not always, this site catalogs horrible communications from offices and dorm rooms across the country, proving that people are really tough on paper.

Crazy people at work should be outed for stuff like this:

My personal favorite is Daves 4 Life! Click on the picture to get the full glory.

Or this one from a little kid. The kid ones get me every time!

So go waste some time internetting!

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