Wednesday, September 8, 2010


 Lately my luck has been changing. In small ways, but I'm all for positive changes! I was reading the CityPaper, a Philadelphia free weekly, and I noticed that there was a contest for two tickets to see the new Louis CK movie, Hilarious, his standup film. It's only showing in 8 theaters across the country. I didn't know that standup films showed in theaters. I mean, you go to see the real person, not a movie, right? But I love Louis CK and would be really antsy about waiting for his special to hit HBO, so I decided, why the hell not? I went to the CityPaper website and found that you had to submit a haiku in order to win tickets. They'd choose a few of their favorite haikus and those people would get a couple tickets to go to the opening night.

Last week, Louis CK did what a lot of us do. He and the internet hung out while drunk. This led to drunken tweets about Sarah Palin that he has since removed, but I hear they were of the sarcastic a-hole variety. Anyway, in honor of that, CityPaper decided that the haikus should be Palin-themed.

My goal was not be mean, body snarky, or talk about her kids. I went with kind of pitying, because I really think she feels like she has the answer. In that way that really, really isolated and xenophobic people feel like they know things about the world.

I submitted mine and won! Here it is, in all its internetty glory: Haiku Contest Winners

So that means me and the Mr. have a date tonight. Since the movie is free, and thanks to our building shuttle transportation is also free, we decided to go out for a little happy hour dinner near the theater. Yay us!

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