Friday, September 10, 2010

Workin' Hard

Fully entering my upswing, I have updated the Sweet Lady Shop on Etsy, so if you are in the market for my gothy goods, go get 'em.

I'm also writing, hoping to turn in another chapter on Monday. Which would leave me with only 2 chapters and some revisions. Wish me freaking luck ok. Like miracle worker, one in a million, against all odds kinds of luck. I want to enjoy Halloween without having any chapters left to write. Is it possible? Let's hope.

In addition to all this stuff, I am still reading random paranormal fiction, doodling in my sketchbook project book, and enjoying my adopted city. Good times.

My in-laws surprised us with a very cool gift: a mini-fridge. For those of you who haven't taken a look at my apartment pics on Flickr (or don't remember), we have a tiny refrigerator. I am pretty sure it's the kind they put in RVs. Which is citified, but cumbersome. I haven't had a cold Coke from the can in forever. They got us a small fridge, which we've managed to squeeze into the kitchen by force, and now our sodas are cold, ice gets made on the regular, and fruits and veggies are easy to find.

Also, I entered a chance to purchase this Let the Right One In 24x36 screen print poster:

The artist only had 250 prints available, so I had to enter a lottery to get a chance to buy one. And I won! I just got it today and it's so much more beautiful in real life! These things happen in 3s, right? I should play the lottery. I totally should.

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