Monday, February 28, 2011

Book Love

 I've told you about my love for Mike Stilkey, right? He makes art out of old books. It's amazing:

I have dreams all the time about my future library, and I haven't been able to buy too many physical books lately (I've been downloading ebooks), so I'm feeling withdrawal. This post is about awesome book-related things. 

First up, bookends! They break up the space on your shelves, separate special books, and help out on those shelves without sides.

Bookend Women, $49.95 at Wrapables:
Bicycle Bookends, $24.99  by Knob Creek Metal Arts:
I've never heard of shelf pillows, but now I want them! These Victorian Women bookends are $22
from Etsy seller Two Stray Cats

$45 for this set of Shabby Chic Bookends in Turquoise from Pretty Darn Cute

Only $14 for a print of this awesome painting by Parada Creations:

Bookplates (with a BIRD on it!) $4.50 for 6 of em from the Paper Pumpkin:

I don't have the funds for something like this, but I would totally love it! $450 for a vintage card catalog.

Birds in a Book Club print by Barking Bird Art, $18

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