Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Party Dress

Aw, yeah, I'm back to my old bloggy self (hopefully). First day of training in the new department and I've got happy hearts in my eyes. Not only is the work more up my alley, but it's a quiet area, a slower-paced environment, and the guy training me had a phone that was incredibly dusty for lack of use. I was so giddy that when I got home I did work on my dissertation, hemmed a dark purple corduroy skirt I bought (extra long, so I could make it an appropriate a-line length), and started a recommendation letter for a friend. I even posted pics on Flickr and now I'm blogging. Total win.

My mom, out of the blue, decided that she wanted to get me a dress from my Amazon wish list that I labeled "the prettiest dress." Amazon lets you list things from any other site online using their "add to wish list" button, so I used it to add a dress from ModCloth. Check it out, this is coming my way soon:

The Admission Party Dress is $165 and though you can't really tell, is navy blue with metallic dots.
Check out the close up:

Ooooh...ahh, right? Am I right? Here's a pic of someone in it:

Yes, it's a decent length for my old lady gams and everything. I'm not so into wearing cutesy spectator pumps with it, but I am at a loss as to what would work best with it. It's too cold to wear it now, but in a few weeks I'm thinking it would pair well with a little sweater and some silver flats. What do you think? Advice is much appreciated. If I were to do something other than navy or silver for accessories, what would you recommend? I could never buy something like this for myself with my salary, especially a party dress, something I wouldn't wear too often. My mom rules. I can't wait to get it!

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