Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Welcome Home....

Descanso doesn't like when I unpack my boardbag

I wasn't to pumped on coming back home to San Diego.  Then my sister started sending me pictures of this lil' puppy.  So I was amping to get on the plane to meet this lil' guy. I was going up to San Clemente on tuesday morning to check him out. I arrived back in San Diego around 9:00pm on Monday. Tired from the plane flight and a dozen beers my sister called me and said had to come by the house for some reason.  She came by five minutes after I got thru the door with this dude...... WELCOME HOME TO ME AND LIL' DESCANSO. My nieces and sister gave him the name and my bro in-law picked him up in Orange County.
Thank You... Angel, Denise, Ciara, and Briana Adame.
Me and Descanso luv ya guys!!!!!!

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