Friday, March 4, 2011


A very rare signing of our Clsssic Trilogy actors for Toronto STAR WARS fans in 1977. All images: Charles McKee. 
Regular AFICIONADO contributor Chris Baker has kindly sent me another great piece of rare Classic Trilogy nostalgia, and it’s an amazing find I wasn’t previously aware of, and one that must be shared…

Here’s what Chris said….

"A friend named AJ just picked this up off of EBay. Here is what he had to say about it (w/ the images he was able to score from the event). Not sure if this store is still in existence but I do know Yonge Street (in Toronto) well .. If I hadn't only been 7 at the time of this little gathering I likely would have been there.

Here is to missed opportunities, can u imagine all three of them at one sitting ..!”
“I just scored this off eBay, and I am super psyched. It's a vintage Marvel comic book (Issue #3) signed by Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford... without a doubt the best examples of their vintage signatures in my collection:

Back in June of 1977, 20th Century Fox agreed to have a book signing at a store in Toronto to promote the upcoming release of Star Wars. Bakka books (May 1972 -1982) was Toronto's biggest Sci-Fi bookstore at the time, and Hamill, Ford and Fisher made a fairly rare appearance. This comic was signed that day. I found some great pics from the signing... how cool would it have been to be there!!!!! Check 'em out:”

The collection is from the store's owner, Charles McKee (who we think is the guy wearing the STAR WARS t-shirt in the corner), who has a FACEBOOK page for the life and toimes of his popuar shop: You will have to log in and "like" the pictures, and if you scroll back to June 6th of last year (in the news feed) there are some other 'SW' auto. party related pics

One guy even posts on the Bakka FB wall ... "I know I was there. I even remember running four blocks to get American cigarettes for Harrison Ford. I guess all the photos were taken while I was off doing that" (lol)

Thanks to Chris, his friend AJ, and, most importantly, Charles McKee, for the info and great images...

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