Friday, July 22, 2011


Have you ever wanted to just press the reset button? I think I'm about to do just that. Going back to California is something M and I have been so looking forward to, but we were a bit worried about being able to find a decent apartment. We wanted one in the same old neighborhood we left, because we loved where it was located. We wanted a place that was gated and had onsite laundry, and two bedrooms, and good for walking Radley. We've been looking and our little neighborhood is kinda full. We did the thing (which you have to pay for) and not much was there either, and the last time I used them they had tons of offerings. Craigslist was a bust. With M not having a job and my job not starting for a few months, we were afraid it would be tough to even get an apartment. My credit isn't as bad as it used to be, but it's not exactly healthy. So we decided hey why not call the old landlord and see if he has any units available in the coming months.

He did, but he didn't want to wait until October 1st to rent it to us, so.....we're leaving early! That's right, instead of being broke in sweltering, humid, lawyer-laden Philadelphia, we're going to go be broke in Long Beach. It might be sweltering, it may have a kind of sooty dust that leaves an oily film all over everything in your apartment, but it's home! We're paying our first month's rent Sept 1st. Not sure if we can get out of here before then, but hopefully by the first week of Sept, I'll be back in baby's arms...

2 Bedrooms, you guys! And apartment upgrades of all kinds apparently, as my landlord claims to have installed ceiling fans, re-tiled the kitchen and bath, and recarpeted. All this for less than we were paying before we left. Is this some kind of miracle? Some kind of sign of good things to come?

It damn well better be. I'm so happy I could cry.

This means good things for the Sweet Lady Shop, as October is a big month for me. I'll be posting up new products, revamping the website, and doing some sort of anniversary thing, since it's been over a year since I opened up shop. And the shop will finally have a craft room to call its own. Some people get a second bedroom for guests, some get it for a future baby, mine's for the shop!

Wow. I need to go get boxes. How many do you think it will take if I have 700 books? Yeah, I did an inventory. Frightening, isn't it?

Housewarming Party in late September. I'm pretty sure there will be cocktails.

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