Monday, August 15, 2011


Not my idea of perfect adoptive parents or role models, those very dangerous bounty hunters, the Trandoshan Bossk and lithe but deadly Aurra Sing pose for a "family photo" alongside their new recruit, the revenge fuelled teenage Boba Fett (once more voiced in the series by EPISODE II actor Daniel Logan) in this specially created image by LUCASFILM ANIMATION for the very enjoyable Fett story arc that made up the final three episodes of Season Two in early 2010. Those and three other earlier episodes make up that last batch of tales now available in compilation discs from the ambitious Season Two and it's mostly successful umbrella theme of RISE OF THE BOUNTY HUNTERS. This WARNER BROTHERS DVD only release, out next week (22nd), will surely be welcome by completist collectors, but is also aimed primarily at the younger family/audience mark. And a welcome release it is too, with enough imagination, diverse creatures, visual excitement and colour to keep everyone thoroughly entertained during the Summer holidays.

The second part of the Fett arc, R2 COME HOME, made our top five episodes of that season. Check out our mini- review here: STAR WARS AFICIONADO MAGAZINE: "THE CLONE WARS" SEASON TWO. SWA's TOP FIVE EPISODES. NO 3: "R2 COME HOME", as did the excellent GODZILLA-homage THE ZILLO BEAST STRIKES BACK, also included amongst this batch of impressive tales from the STAR WARS universe. Check out that review here: STAR WARS AFICIONADO MAGAZINE: "THE CLONE WARS" SEASON TWO. SWA's TOP FIVE EPISODES. NO 5: "THE ZILLO BEAST STRIKES BACK"

THE CLONE WARS Season Two, Volume Four- out August 22nd in the UK.
And watch out! Those cruel and ruthless baddies will return for more conflict during the upcoming CLONE WARS Season Four, with it's umbrella title of BATTLE LINES!

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