Sunday, August 28, 2011


Before the Tunisian rots caught up with him and the rest of the RAIDERS filming company, Harrison Ford was able to partially film a little bit of the ambitiously scripted and planned whip confrontation against a deadly sword wielding bad guy (played by stuntman Terry Richards, who, prior to the shoot, had trained extensively for the sequence. Richards had also played the Wampa in several deleted scenes from THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK). Eventually, with illness getting the better of him, the actor, in talks with Spielberg and Vic Armstrong, came up with the now inspired idea of Indy just whipping out his gun and shooting him!

Every time I see that classic RAIDERS moment, with family or friends, it still gets a laugh-one of cinemas greatest scenes ever!

As a nice look back at the making of the film, check out this recent interview with British producer Robert Watts, which he did at the recent EMPIRE magazine BIG SCREEN event, in honour of RAIDERS Thirtieth Anniversary: Big Screen: Memories Of Raiders Panel | Movie News | Empire and here:  Empire Big Screen – Interview with Raiders of the Lost Ark Producer Robert Watts «

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