Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Towards his destiny...Anakin Skywalker in Season Four of THE CLONE WARS.

A new extended trailer for Season Four of THE CLONE WARS debuted today and it was fabulous -
The Clone Wars Season 4 "Battle Lines" Trailer - YouTube - full of incredible imagery and action/adventure. Plus more of the baddies we want to see (alongside lots more new ones), and not necessarily fighting against the Republic, more Obi-Wan, more Mon Calamari, more new worlds and creatures, and, most importantly, a lot to come on the Dark Side of the Force and its relationship to Anakin Skywalker, as we finally get to see his anger come out of its bottle regarding slavers-perhaps one more scheme pre-EPISODE III designed by Darth Sidious to get Anakin closer to the Sith.

We'll find out more from September 16th in the US, and probably October in the UK.

Here's some more great images from the trailer...

Sidious launches a new scheme of terror alongside Count Dooku.

New look Clone Troopers in action.

New laser whip wielding baddies for the Jedi to deal with... 

Ahsoka and Artoo-always ready to help!

More great space vistas.

Ventress and the Nightsisters fight back.

More explosive action for the Clone Troopers.

Ahsoka mans the speeder bike turret! Dig those glasses once more!

Always the best man to have on your side: Obi-Wan Kenobi

Jedi mission: liberate the Togrutan slaves.

Fight! Grievous versus Ventress!

Time for another Anakin/Ahsoka explosion!

Those Death Watch warriors rear their heads once again.

A world under siege from the Death Watch.

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