Wednesday, August 17, 2011


With homely Beru Lars appearance in EPISODE II: ATTACK OF THE CLONES cut down so savagely during the film's later post production editing (she has just one line in the finished film: "Hello"!) and followed by later re-shoots of material on Anakin and Padme, it would be nice if the upcoming Blu-rays could have Luke Skywalker's adopted mum to be's deleted scene with Padme, where, in the famous Homestead kitchen (painstakingly recreated by the films production designers to match the original environment conceived in 1976 by John Barry), she briefly talks about life on and outside of Tatooine...

"Would you like some blue milk?"
The Blu-ray Prequel deleted scenes for the new release total around 45 minutes, so that's probably 15 minutes for each film. A shame it all couldn't be longer, really, as there's at least 30 minutes of deleted scenes footage alone from ATTACK OF THE CLONES that is yet to be seen, with much of the final third of the film having been changed/re-worked/re-filmed in the post-production process.

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