Friday, November 21, 2008

Friday Finds/Update

Hi, I've been gone for days! What's up with that?

Friday Finds today will not be so hot for those of you who can't make it to Long Beach, but I had to post about Frosted Cupcakery because it just opened on 2nd street (I think it moved from a different location in the Belmont Shore area, but I never visited the old place) and it has regular sized cupcakes. That's right, not colossal, big as your own head, cupcakes, but regular ones. I don't really drive through the Belmont Shore too much, but the other day I noticed it and M. and I made it a mission this afternoon to see what's up. Pics below:

I dig their color scheme!

Cute displays

Tasty cupcakes. I got the mint chocolate for M. and the chocolate coconut for me. Good frosting to cake ratio. A lot of what I see out there has a heap of frosting that doubles the cupcake in size. This was like a gourmet version of what someone would make at home. Recommended highly!

They even have a blog. Not everyone wants to make a dozen cupcakes and have them lying around the house forever, so having the option of buying one or two and calling it a day is nice.

I went to my local JoAnn's Fabrics yesterday and picked up some nice stuff for my holiday decor. I'm making stockings and a tree skirt. Here's a sneak peek at my color scheme.

I only started doing Christmas decorating last year. M. is Jewish, and I didn't want to make our house all Christmasy because I know this culture is on total X-mas overload every year. If I want Christmas decorations, I can just go outside from November 1st until January 3rd, is my rationale. It's not like I'm missing it by not having a tree. But he was kinda fascinated by the Christmas tree, so last year we got one and made it up all pretty using ornaments my mom wanted me to have and a few cheap target finds. I like the idea of the tree, just not the upkeep of a tree, the vacuuming up pine needles, the dying tree/fire hazard. It just doesn't fit in with my OCD, so I got a very nice looking fake tree this year. All white, kind of like the vintage ones from the 60s, but without vintage stranger germs (in honor of M.'s um, problem). It's only about four feet tall, so the menorah shouldn't get too overshadowed. Chrismukkah fever starts up soon, so I thought I'd take care of crafty things before the semester winds down and I get all high strung. Crafts completed while high-strung are, well, ugly. Almost every time.

I will keep you updated on the stockings. I have been watching Etsy videos on YouTube. Great stuff there. Lots of step-by-step instructions for crafts and baking projects.

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