Saturday, November 22, 2008

Pretty Things/ Jerky Guy

Pretty Things

Since I kind of flaked on Friday Finds for most of my readers, who live nowhere near me or the cupcakery, I thought I'd make it up to you.
New online shop I found, via BUST magazine's latest holiday shopping story:
Bestow Boutique

Some of these things are actually very affordable!

$5 dollar matchbooks, some of which are very cute. Here's a good example of the style, the sacred heart matchbook.

I love this Purity soap dish. I mean, if you are single or you have a social worker coming to check out your house for some reason, maybe you don't want it to be on display, but I like its centuries old creepyness.

This pill case is amazing. I totally see it as the kind of thing that would have been on the nightstand of Henry Hill's wife, Karen, in Goodfellas.

Not to be outdone, Jonathan Adler has a whole series of canisters and boxes in the same vein:

The other ones say "Uppers" "Downers" and "Quaaludes" but I love "Dolls" best.

Pillows are notoriously expensive, for reasons I don't understand. This one is no exception, but it is pretty:

This is the item that started it all. Wing-shaped dishes. They are about 10 inches long and 4 inches across and only $40 for a set of two.

Sweet anniversary/wedding gift idea:

Or I guess it could be a weird nationalistic gift, what with the word "patrie" or patriot up on top there.

Jerky Guy

Last night I actually went out, which was nice. I have been sick and busy and trying to save a bit of cash, so since Halloween I've been a shut-in practically. But M. and I decided to hit the town. Or, well, go to our local bar for a few, which is our version of hitting the town. One of M.s friends met us there and we had a good time. So good that I agreed to the worst idea ever: shots.

I have realized that with age comes great responsibility. But even more than responsibility, it also comes with an inability to tolerate the ravages of alcohol, unless you are a drunk and manage to acclimate your body to this special form of torture. Shots are a good way to put yourself on the couch for the next day, which is pretty much what I've done. Don't feel too badly, I wasn't deathly hung over, just a slight headache and a desire for starchy, fatty, delicious fried foods. But I had fun.

The one thing that put a damper on the evening was this monstrosity:

I have written and bitched about the blight that is the digital jukebox before. The companies that make these things allow only certain albums, certain songs cost more than others, and it in general kills any local flavor a bar might have in the way of music. But the worst part about these things is that they are little capitalist pigs.

You go to a bar and you want to hear some of your songs, so you put in your money and take some time selecting songs that go together well, that create a mood, and then some douchebag comes in and decides to skip your songs. That's right, for an extra dollar or something ridiculous, you can come up during someone's set and totally skip their songs. It is kind of an unwritten rule that people who do this are lame assholes. It rarely happens as a result. I mean, why pay for that kind of thing? Most of the people who go to my bar aren't exactly rich. At least not rich enough to just throw money around on skipping songs at a dollar a pop. Except for this guy:

This beanie-wearing jerk interrupted my awesome set twice. And not for anything good. Some boring TI song followed by another boring Lil Wayne song that you can hear any time you want on the radio.

My set that got ruined:
INXS- Never Tear Us Apart
Cars - Just What I Needed
Tears for Fears - Mad World
Stevie Nicks - Stand Back
Pixies - Gigantic
The Donnas - Strutter (KISS cover)
Motley Crue - Looks that Kill

How does TI or Lil Wayne even fit in there? So if you see that guy, go ahead and clothesline him for me. And if you decide to take his wallet or somehow extract money from him, he owes me at least $2.

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