Friday, December 12, 2008

Friday Finds

Today's Friday Finds is all about decorating my work office. Apparently, I get to keep my office for the forseeable future. It's got a few little things in there on the walls, but now that I know it's mine for a while, I'm going to add some things. I do share, but only with one other person who does not really seem too inclined to decorate or even bring books or other personal items. I don't have a ton of wall space, but my bookshelf currently only has one shelf of books full and everything else is empty.

Thing #1
Phrenology Head. I found this one on of all places. Since I talk about phrenology in class, I thought it would be fun to have this li'l guy hanging out on the bookshelf.

He looks like he knows this is a pseudo-science and that he won't be around for long.

Thing #2:
Tank Girl Poster
I think I still have this poster hanging around somewhere. If not, I'll try and snatch it up again from Movie Goods.

Thing #3
Life size Xena stand up. You can get these things at
Mine is somewhere in the back of the garage at my mom's. I gotta have this lady standing up behind me so she's got my back.

Thing #4
Oval frame from PrPictorials.
I think instead of the silhouette of a person, I'd do a bird or maybe an old photo printed out on my computer. Lizzie Borden?

Thing #5 Band poster:

I actually went to this show! I would so love to get this mini poster from for the office.

or maybe this one

Clearly I did not attend this show...

There are just tons and tons of things at Madame Talbot's Victorian Lowbrow for those that love/hate/are fascinated by the 19th century. I love the "Soiled Doves" section.

I'm looking for a good tattoo related thing to add to the mix.

That should keep the kiddies frightened enough about their grades, or at least give them something to rest their shifty eyes on when they are in my office asking me for a favor.

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