Saturday, December 13, 2008


On our trip to Melrose, we came across an toy store/gallery that we love. In it were these amazing prints by kozyndan.

Look closely and you will see that the waves are made up of little bunnies with fish tales (aka bunnyfish). Bunnies are cute right? Like no doy! I love LOVED this print. They make many more beautiful works of art. Check out their site.

I love graffiti art, street art, outsider art, etc. And I'm a feminist, so you know I was so intrigued by something called Girls Gone Graff. I picked up a little post card for this event at the same shop I mentioned earlier.

I thought it was some sort of reclaiming of female space or power in the graffiti community. There are plenty of amazing graffiti artists who are women. CLAW is a good example. The link is a YouTube clip. I also loved Reminisce (RIP).

Some of the earliest writers were women.

But Girls Gone Graff? It's graffiti painted on half naked and totally naked ladies. Which is pretty much the stupidest thing I ever heard. I wouldn't be surprised if a 14 year old was the DJ for this event. It may as well be called "slabs of meat." I was so bummed.

You know what it reminds me of? Those comedy specials from the 90s that were "all women" specials. They would all have names like "Ladies of the Night" or "One Night Stand." Like if a woman tries to have any kind of success in a way that doesn't overtly use sexuality or sexual availabilty, there is a strong desire to reduce and humiliate by associating her with pornography, prostitution, or some kind of social position that is strictly sexual. Grody, is what it is.

Anyway, not only is it stupid, but I'm sure it will be a major sausage fest, consisting only of chronic masturbators with little artistic skill and extensive all-over-print wardrobes. ]]

In other news, M. and I were going to go out tonight, but since it got chilly out, we decided to stay in. We debated over which DVD to watch and he finally just put 2 Fast 2 Furious on. All I had to do was wait. After a few cocktails, he gave in and went to bed, and now, just shy of midnight, I am watching Underworld, like I've been wanting to for weeks. I haven't had the time nor the ability to convince M. to watch it again. It's not like he's not a fan, he watched it while I was battling the flu earlier this semester. But still, he's had enough vampire stuff for a while and he just watched both Underworld films.

Today I went to Ikea for things related to my home office and work office makeovers. I made a decision on the paint, which will be revealed when all is done. I can't get moving on it until my finals are graded (my own personal rule), but it will be pretty, I promise. I stuck to my meager budget and everything. Can't wait to finish!

Now, I have got to go. Selene has just figured out that Michael Corvin is some kind of target of the Lycans and she's left Craven all alone at his lame vampire party! He's so miffed! I think he might have popped a button on his heavily brocaded silk shirt!

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