Monday, December 15, 2008

Office Space

Oooh, I just got so crafty this past weekend. I bought those wall decals from Ikea and got set to printing out some pics on Berneice (my trusty all-in-one printer). Since I'm going to be in this office for another semester, I decided to create a Vampire Wall. The decals were all Victorian style frames, so I figured I'd pick a theme. It was going to be all infamous historical Victorian figures, but I got bored of them as I started collecting, and decided to go a different direction. My vampire obsession has now been put to work. I have an extra week next semester that needs a topic to fill it, so I will probably do vampire tv. We'll see. Either way, it will kind of freak out students who stop by the office hour. I am going to dig up my posters and have at it on Weds, so this is not the only focal point. I always loved professors whose offices said something about what they were into.

Click here for info on what everything is. Just scroll over the pic at Flickr and you should be able to see a note for each frame.

I made a tasty steak dinner last night on a whim.

Grilled steaks with a mushroom gravy. Plus, I roasted Yukon Gold potatoes, some mushrooms, and asparagus in the oven for 25 minutes at 450 degrees. Just dusted some salt and pepper on them and sprinkled with olive oil and they were delicious.

The Christmas Tree/Chanukkah Bush is done

I got some pretty cool ornaments this year. I always do a pop-culture themed tree. This year I found these beauties:

If you press a button on the machine it makes the Pac-Man noises!

I couldn't help myself when I saw this ornament in Philadelphia. Mini sneaker!

And of course I have a few Chanukkah themed things, plus a respectable Snoopy collection.

My mom got me this one, in honor of us being degenerate gamblers.
Did I mention we are going to Las Vegas again? Can't leave it alone for more than a few months, I guess. Is it wrong to be super excited every time?

Don't judge me.

I'm looking forward to relaxing, taking cabs, buying cheap gas to get there, spending very little on the room (seriously, you could stay at Caesar's Palace for a decent price, it's ridiculous), and ignoring all the layoffs, dissertation, and other forms of stress. We hope to be able to got the Neon Boneyard. Cross your fingers for us that it doesn't rain!

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