Friday, December 5, 2008

Friday Finds

I have lately become obsessed with Starbucks' Peppermint Mocha Twist, which, in addition to being incredibly tasty, is also one of their (RED) drinks that contribute money to the Global Fund. I have a limited income thing happening now, so I don't buy them that often, but I recently found Coffee Mate's Peppermint Mocha creamer at my grocery store! It's in no way the same, but a good replacement for a cheapo broke person like myself.

Today's Friday Finds are all craft-related:

The Mayberry Sparrow is a great Etsy shop with hand-made rubber stamps like this:
She even makes custom stamps with your name or whatever you want! If you aren't into carving or don't have the patience, it is worth it to have a hand made stamp of your own.

After working with felt and fleece to make our Chrismukkah stockings, I have a newfound love of the fuzzy stuff. Here's a couple of good options for the holidays:

From Joshua Stone

Cute heart ornament by Sarah Kladyzk:

Looking for something a little more interesting to serve at your holiday party? Check out's Holiday Drink Recipes. The Midori Sparkle sounds like a headache maker, but I'm sure you look very classy while drinking it. Stick to one or two if you want to stay classy throughout the evening. Remember people: drink water on occasion or you'll be a mess the next day.

I'm getting crafty this evening, as I have stockings to finish (will post pics soon), holiday cards to make and stuff into envelopes, and M.'s birthday is tomorrow. I do cupcakes a lot, and it's not very special anymore, so I was going to make a birthday cake, but I decided to make 2 mini-cakes instead. Hopefully I will post how it comes out tomorrow. And my friend Brande and I are going to go out to dinner (Tsunami Sushi again! Yum.) Got to get moving!

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