Sunday, December 7, 2008


I have tons of leftover grading to do today in preparation for tomorrow. Monday is the day I promised my classes I would get all of their assignments posted, graded, and handed back. I hate this part, but it will be over soon.

What I really want to do is finish my x-mas crafts, make cupcake bites, and paint my office. Don't tell M. about that last bit. But I've been checking Design Sponge sneak peeks for a few weeks now, and I have the bug. Maybe the holiday responsibilities will intercede. I think it might be better to give it some time to mull over....

So ANYWAY, I am thinking either an orange and light blue scheme (remember my orange obsession? yeah, not over it).

Or a lime-y green, with white and black accents.

Which do you think would make for a more calming work space? I use the office for crafts, writing, and work. And I have a bunch of furniture from IKEA in birch in there. Take the poll!!!

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