Friday, January 23, 2009

Friday Finds!

Amidst all the glowy happy celebrations of democracy this past week, we were reminded of the founding fathers words and all that revolutionary jazz. So I thought why not celebrate the folks who did revolutionary democracy the most insanely: the French. Inspired by the American Revolution, they stormed the Bastille, ended a bloated and uncaring monarchy, and started referring to each other as "citizen" rather than by courtly titles. Also they had a mad love affair with Madame Guillotine. So much so that the families of the victims of those killed in chop chop square had secret macabre parties called Victim's Balls, where ladies would wear red ribbons around their necks and men would cut their hair very short in anticipation of or reference to the guillotine.

Anyway, enjoy the following French and French-inspired stuff:

Celebrating the lady herself, Ironspider's men's shirt:

From Paris Chic Boutique at Etsy:
A bowl that says "grumpy" in French.

Kiss Me Jewelry's
French Love-Meter Pendant:

Blu Lima's "Let them Eat Cake" poster, if you wanna take it back to the pre-revolutionary days.

French Manicure
This isn't a product, but a new take on an old standby- the French Manicure. Try it with different colors and try it with white at the bottom instead of the top.

Snappy Shop apron celebrating Burgers and French Fries.
Now I know what you're thinking, this is American, not French, but I am including it in celebration of the death of the concept of "Freedom Fries" and all that anti-French BS perpetrated by the last administration. Call them French Fries! Mean it!

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