Monday, February 16, 2009

A Request

Ok, folks. I had a bit of drama with my trip reservations because I went to the hotel website and it turns out they are undergoing a bit of noisy construction in the lobby (noisy from 8am until 8pm according to the site). So I had to call Travelocity and hope that they would change it. They did it without even raising a fuss, which was cool. My new hotel is actually a lot nicer and has a mini bar, iPod dock, and free WiFi, which rules! I am packing my comfiest shoes and softest socks.

I'll be staying on Ellis & Powell (ish). So here's what I want to know. I am probably not going to subsist on room service, and they don't even offer breakfast, so I would like to know:

a) a good place to get a quick coffee and breakfast
b) a good place for lunch (preferably not burgers)
c) a good place that can do take out for dinner.

I like all kinds of food (except pickles), I am trying to be relatively thrifty, and I will be eating alone. I don't want to walk a ton of blocks. Don't pretend that it's only a "10 minute walk." You mean a 20 minute hike? All uphill? After which I look gross and sweaty? Oh cool. Thanks! Remember, I'm from a place where you drive even if the grocery store is only a few blocks away.

I have stayed in Union Square about 5 or 6 times in the past few years, but I usually had someone with me with either "preferences" or a vast knowledge of the city and thus willing to travel further for choice spots.

If you comment and I actually go, I will promise to post photos of what I ate and review the place as well.

Please comment!

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