Sunday, February 15, 2009

Writing Trip!

I gotta finish this dissertation. It's serious. They aren't giving me any more student loans! I have actually been cut off. They have said "you can no longer borrow money from us. Heart, all the Banks." That may not be an actual quote. But still, it's crunch time. So I decided I needed a trip in order to write. I looove my husband and my apartment, but both are full of wonderful distractions! And I want to hole up with nothing other than me and the computer and a deadline of sorts.

A lot of people like to go off to nature-based places so that they are amongst tranquility and forced to focus. That's nice. That's also so not me. I need a place where I can have room service and/or walk to food (and not far-I'm from southern California). I need a place where you can walk around solo and be female and not be thought of as strange or someone who needs to be "chatted up." I need a place where if I felt like it, I could take a night time break from the writing and have a cocktail or a real meal at a restaurant (and yet not feel weird about being alone). I tried looking up prices for Las Vegas, Santa Barbara, and even downtown LA, but it is pretty expensive. So my secret hope/awesomest plan ever is to go to San Francisco. And I did it!

Woo hoo! I fly in on Thursday and am writing in SF until Sunday morning. I am hoping to get a lot done during the day. If you're around in the evening and willing to meet me in Union Square where I am staying (remember my requirement of proximity to solo-friendly eateries), feel free to contact me. I'm down to meet for dinners, but my days are all about writing. I feel good about this plan, even though it takes me away from my diet food, it does get me back on track for my master plan. Have you heard of it? It's called "Go 2009." People are making it work in 2009. I want to be one of those people. I haven't taken a solo trip anywhere in 8 years. I can't promise any blogs after Thursday, but I can tell you that I will be all up in the GRE dictionary looking for ways to turn my regular writing into the academic vernacular that may get me out of adjunct hell and into tenure track stability.

Go 2009!

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