Friday, February 13, 2009

Vinyl Solutions

I have been on a hunt for fun vinyl decals lately. Some of this stuff is totally DIY-able, but there are some intricate things that I probably wouldn't even try to attempt. I selected a variety of styles and most of this stuff is customizable color-wise.

Decorette's birds and branches is $48, which is totally steep to me, but it is very intricate and kind of large, don't you think?

Janeymacpress' fleur de lis. I like the idea of it on a chair. Only $12 and you can personalize your Ikea chairs that everyone else has.
Looks like a Victorian frame, but it is actually a vinyl chalk board by Spell It Out Designs. It would be great for a kitchen or bathroom. Someplace where you like to write notes or reminders. Only $25. Isn't it huge?

Personally, I would probably paint this on the wall rather than buy the decal, but not everyone has the skills or the determined cheapness to do that, so Revolver Apparel's Warholl ripoff is a better option. Tons of color choices too. $55

My guy is from Philadelphia, so this is for him. Robert Indiana's Love sculpture (like the one in Philadelphia's Love Park aka JFK Plaza) made into vinyl decal for only $20. Any color you want, by Daniel Bombardier

I'm not one to decorate a toilet tank, but maybe you are? This floral design is only $12. Good for renters who can just razor it off when you leave for the next apartment.

Awww...a great alternative to traditional nursery decoration. You can position the little floaty dandelion thingies however you want! Only $20 from Sweetnothing.

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