Thursday, August 26, 2010

30 Inane things I Love

 I'm a frequent reader of Jezebel, so not surprisingly I read the latest article on Heidi Montag entitled "30 Inane Things Heidi Montag Loves." It's based on all of her tweets in the past year or so that claim she loves something. She's completely ridiculous and a tragic figure obsessed with fame, but I am completely ignoring the point of the post (which is to showcase how vapid she is) and focus on the good thing about listing your loves. I thought it would be good for me to come up with inane stuff I love. The rule is that it has to be "inane," which means pointless or meaningless, but I think in this context Jezebel means things that aren't that big a deal.  It's all about the little things, right? Anyway, here's the list:

1. bananas that are bright yellow and not quite ripe
2. the skyscrapers I can see from my window
3. really good greeting cards
4. tiny sized things (miniatures of every kind)
5. coming home with new books and magazines
6. blended mochas
7. hazelnut (the nut, the flavoring, the combo of hazelnut and chocolate)
8. well planned and executed dinners
9. people who give the courtesy wave
10. waking up when I feel like it and snuggling in bed
11. Radley's hot puppy breath
12. M's "We're going to Vegas!/ We're in Vegas!" mood
13. 4 day periods
14. secluded beach spots, where you can lay out, read, and not deal with a single person
15. "jacket weather"
16. novels with smart women as central characters
17. soft body acrylic paint that doesn't need to be diluted and covers with good opacity
18. lox and bagels
19. being scared by a good story
20. precise and obedient bangs
21. the Charlie Brown theme  (Schroeder's theme?)
22. laughing fits
23. dog faces. seriously, look at them. they are freaking amazing
24. sarcastic comebacks that are so good, they end whatever conversation preceded them
25. being the inside spoon
26.  kitty purrs
27. mint milanos (I may have mentioned these before)
28. a good episode of television
29. learning something new about history or culture
30. how my mom always knows when I need to talk and calls me.

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