Tuesday, September 7, 2010


This is a nice piece of MARVEL related STAR WARS art, for a French comic imprint which, I'm assuming, was from the time of RETURN OF THE JEDI (the Luke image looks like its from JEDI, whilst Leia is from STAR WARS). With the Stormtroopers at the bottom of the image, it looks like they either copied or transplanted from the Al Williamson/Carlos Garzon art used for the 1980 EMPIRE adaptation.

I don't know who the overall artists for this piece were, but if anyone can help with more info or other covers that the TITANS magazine had to STAR WARS, please get in touch.

Here's a few more French covers (any more information on them would be most welcome):

The French JEDI adaptation from 1983
One of the earliest TITANS STAR WARS covers from 1978
Obi-Wan vs Vader, with Threepio an unwilling observer!
Carmine Infantino and Gene Day's original MARVEL US comic cover artwork gets a bit of a make over from an unknown artist for the inside DOOMWORLD strip, in which Luke and the droids are trapped on a water world.
A MARVEL UK STAR WARS WEEKLY comic cover gets a make-over for the French comic compilation for STAR WARS in 1978

Its always fascinates me the way each country that has STAR WARS related books, merchandise, etc, all have different interpretations to one another in the way they promote and represent the films and their characters, and not always in regard to the way they look in the films.

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