Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Sweet Lady Shop

Time for some cross-promotion. I have been doing tons of work on Sweet Lady Shop things. Stop by my website to check out the free things, and visit the shop Flickr site for some of the latest and greatest. See anything you like? Buy it here! Some things have yet to be posted on the Etsy site. When they do, I'll definitely be posting to the Sweet Lady Shop site.

Some of the new things:
This little pilgrim isn't having a Happy Halloween.
Skeletal Strong Girl Retablo
La Sirena sculpture.
Kitty Retablo
Vamp Fangs Pendant
Part of my Vampire Librarians series. Each will have a tiny painting of a vampire librarian, some books that speak to her specialty, mounted on velvet or felt, and in a shadow box frame ready for mounting. The one above is the Children's Librarian.
Rare Books Librarian
Interlibrary Loan Librarian
Reference Desk Librarian
Reversible Sugar Skull Pendant.

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