Friday, July 22, 2011


A Treadwell droid watches Luke as he looks to the heavens in a classic deleted scene from STAR WARS.
Finally, LUCASFILM opens the vaults and shows us some of the Classic Trilogy Deleted Scenes goodies coming up on Blu-ray, and they're all the ones we want to see, as witnessed in this trailer: | Comic-Con 2011 Star Wars Blu-ray Deleted Scenes Teaser

Artoo escapes a carnage wielding Wampa in the caverns of Echo Base in EMPIRE.
Luke looks at the space battle overhead in STAR WARS.
Lando helps an injured Chewbacca to the Falcon in JEDI's famous Sandstorm sequence.
A shot of the Millennium Falcon and Princess Leia's Y-wing on Tatooine.
Luke conceals the damage to his mechanical hand in JEDI...
Luke makes his way to his X-wing during the Sandstorm.
A Mon Calamari pilot joins the Death Star II battle in JEDI
General Solo and his team come under Imperial attack in JEDI
The Bunker battle continues...

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