Thursday, July 21, 2011


Deadlier than the male? The first on-screen appearance of a female Mandalorian warrior in THE CLONE WARS.
Those exclusives gathering people over at ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY have got one of the first major scoops of Season Four of THE CLONE WARS, as the series sees the return of Season Three Separatist character Lux- now a fugitive and a potential love interest for Ahsoka (will this lead to the same kind of attachment problems for her as Anakin is having?)- and, even more intriguingly, the first look at a Death Watch Mandalorian lady warrior, as voiced by BATTLESTAR GALACTICA's modern gal Starbuck, Katee Sackhoff. Another fantasy female joins the STAR WARS ranks, and I think Ashley Eckstein's HER UNIVERSE business will be doing very well on the merchandising front once she debuts!

Check out the clip (which uses John Williams music from EPISODE II) here:
'Star Wars: The Clone Wars' first look: Katee Sackhoff's a Mandalorian warrior! | Inside TV |

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