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You Never Expect the Spanish Inquisition

True Blood Season 4 (So Far)  Review

You know, I had high hopes for season 4. It's the season of AmnesiaEric! Of werepanther Jason! Of Witchy Witches who are weres hopped up on vampire blood.

Yeah, well.

TV Amnesia Eric seems really lame. His vulnerability is child-like, whereas book Eric was introspective, scared sometimes, and yet still very manly. And the outfit. THE OUTFIT. Dear lord. How Sookie falls in love with this version of Eric I do not know. But Eric's essential superiority complex is totally gone. In the book he was a kind of combo, but here he seems totally defanged. It's not sexy. The speech he gave to Bill tonight about how he'd gladly go to his death and he hopes Sookie and Bill find a way back to each other? Blech. I hope when he gets his memories back and realizes how totally embarrassing he is to vampires everywhere, he feels what I'm feeling right now.

Also unsexy? Rotting Pam. A Pam who sold Eric out to Bill fucking Compton. Even as king, Pam would lie through her teeth and send Bill on a wild goose chase. I am thoroughly disappointed. 

Alcide, Debbie, Luna, Tommy, new werewolf Alpha asshole who totally is going to end up being Luna's ex and thus a pain in Sam Merlotte's ass? Not as into it as I thought I'd be. I kind of don't even want to talk about the werepanthers. What happened to Jason is horrifying. And I will never unsee the woman who cried after raping him because sex with her "brother-husband" was so much worse.

Arlene and Terry's Haunted Baby

Ok so is the baby magical? Is he haunted by Rene or by some other random ghost? If he's haunted by some other random ghost, why does the ghost know how to fuck with Arlene and Terry regarding said Rene awfulness? And how does it manage to mess with Arlene's eye and light fires and write on walls? These are the questions I have because I totally gave up on the shifter storylines and what I'm left with is the haunted baby.

Oh, but there's the witches!


I love the actress who is playing Marnie. She really was able to become Eddie the vampire in the first episode, and she seems to have conveyed the depth and complicated nature of loneliness and absence of faith. Her surprise and anger over being dangerous to Sookie in the palm reading scene was amazing to watch.

Alright,  so the Inquisition wasn't really based on human fears but vampire fears? Of witches who were necromancers? And so via their already entrenched operatives in the Vatican, vampires took on witches and pissed one off so bad that she is returning to take vengeance hundreds of years later?

I like it, kind of.

I mean, she's got some totally justifiable beef. That rapist vampire? Any vampire old enough could also totally be a rapist. They can glamour. I'm telling you, this mythos is leading towards old-vampires-are-probably-rapists territory. It makes too much historical sense! Anyway, I'm interested in where this is going. And I hope most of it happens at night because the daytime scenes of fantastical creatures seem very Xena: Warrior Princess to me. And that show is a favorite of mine, but not because of production values.


The Mexican witchcraft story is just taking off. I hope it does cool things. The pregnant lady is really freaking me out. What's she carrying?! Is it.....SATAN?!

Random Complaints

Maybe I'm in a really weird mood or something, but I was bummed on the Eric/Sookie sex scene in the woods.  Not only is that not in keeping with the frustrated shower scene in the book, but it also seems kind of...ill get completely naked in a forest full of shifters during a full moon. One of whom may be your brother. Who you were looking for and were really concerned about. At least this time she was wearing short shorts and a hoodie and had a shot gun to go traipsing through the woods instead of a sundress.

Great things about this episode (besides Marnie/Antonia):

Bill is still Bill underneath that black leather blazer. And his loooove for Sookeh trumps his new kingship. Aww, Bill. Will he ever grow a pair? I don't know if I really want him to.

No fairies! They will make their return, because it seems like the Antonia storyline is hitting the fan soon, which means the big bad will reveal itself at the end of the season, and I'm thinking it's Mab the queen of the fairies, who lives out in Joshua Tree and has a bad case of shark teeth. But they weren't in this episode. Hooray!

Jessica's growing up. She's making mistakes, but she's also trying to understand them. And she's done well for someone with such awful, awful fathers, both human and vampire.

The foreshadowing of vampire Luis' (rapist vampire) final death. I can't wait to watch that.

No HotShot scenes!

Tara had great scenes where she didn't yell. The stuff at Merlotte's was hilarious.

I feel like now they've laid the groundwork and the season can really start. Everything's going to go off in the next episode, so we'll see what we've got left to work with after next week!

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