Thursday, August 4, 2011


At Tosche Station, inside the Fixer's garage/work area in the small town of Anchorhead, the man himself (as played by Anthony Forrest), snuggles up for some quality time with his girlfriend Camie (played by almost Princess Leia-to-be, Koo Stark) whilst their friends Deak (Jay Benedict) and Windy (actor unknown-no one seems to know who played him! UK fan Jason Joiner probably knows but no doubt he's keeping the info to himself so as to try and get the person for an autograph signing!) engage in an intriguing and highly competitive electronic game with the newly returned to Tatooine Biggs Darklighter (Garrick Hagon). In a few scant seconds time, "Wormie" aka the young and exuberant Luke Skywalker, will burst into the room with enthusiastic stories of an overhead space battle-which no one will believe- that will be the starting point of an epic journey that will send young Luke into a bigger adventure than he could ever have dreamed possible...

Here's the sequence:YouTube - ‪"Star Wars" (1977) - The Deleted Scene Of Luke's Friends‬‏

For years the stuff of legend, this deleted scene raw footage, cut from the film by Lucas and Alan Ladd, Jr. because it was seemingly too similar to the kind of material explored by Lucas in his previous AMERICAN GRAFFITI, has only been shown twice officially by LUCASFILM, first as part of a special event held by Steve Sansweet at the San Diego COMIC CON in 1997, and second at a STAR WARS actors panel (which included Anthony Forrest) at CELEBRATION IV in 2007. In 1998 it made its way onto the famous STAR WARS: BEHIND THE MAGIC CD-ROM, where fans have since tried to clean it up and put it online in better quality for all to see and enjoy. It seems likely that this footage will be included, hopefully, in an even better, officially cleaned up state for the September Blu-ray release.

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