Thursday, August 4, 2011


My hateful job at Wolfram & Hart continues. I was hoping to leave it behind, but I don't start teaching until January, so I've got to earn. I asked if I could telecommute on a whim and they said yes. Which means I'll be working from my apartment in Long Beach. I'm glad I'll keep money and health care coming in, but still a tad bit bummed on the continuance of my involvement with evil. How best to make this a livable existence? Telecommuter Outfits.

I think the major draw of working from home is that you don't have to drive to work or wear office clothes. You can, the dream goes, work in your pajamas. My job will be primarily email and sometimes phone, so I'd like to envision it with positivity and come up with some awesome outfits that I couldn't wear to the headquarters, which has a strict dress code that (hand to God) differentiates between cargo capri's with little ties at the bottom (bad!) and without (good).

My plan:


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